Sep 022013
Quinoa Molasses Crackers

top 8 allergen free & corn free   Trying to squeeze in a new food trial for Holly before Fall Allergy Season kicks into high gear.  And before she starts preschool this week.  Having easy-to-travel snacks for her has been super challenging with her menu.  Most of the time it’s a non-issue, but she’ll need [cont…]

Aug 242013
Oh Yes, Onion Rings!

Gluten free, dairy free, egg free, corn free After struggling through an especially rough week and battling the Exhausted Beast this morning to get anything accomplished, Hubs decided on a whim to try making onion rings for dinner.  No big deal for most people. But, when you’ve got a full bouquet of allergies to avoid [cont…]

Jul 052013

Corn Allergy 101: Welcome to the Corn-Free Life!  Almost everyone who is new to corn allergies and avoiding corn finds themselves overwhelmed. We’ve tried to compile some information for you to read at your leisure. Our best advice for starting out, is to learn first all the names that corn goes by, and remove any [cont…]

Jul 052013

A very simple pancake batter for those with limited safe ingredients. Named after Crissy, who engineered this particular version of quinoa pancakes. 🙂 Use safe-for-you ingredients! Note from Crissy: I kind of eyeball everything, add more or less to get them how you want them. – 1.75 cups (12 oz) quinoa soaked overnight and thoroughly rinsed [cont…]

May 202013
Chocolate Caramel Squash Cake with Carameled Pecan Sauce

One of those long names that just can’t be shortened to do the delectable justice!  I’ve had a kabocha squash staring at me for over a month crying out to be made into something scrumptious.  I also have a failed attempt at honey & cream taffy that turned out more like a caramel sauce – [cont…]

Feb 102013

Toddler teething time in spades for Holly.  She’s got 9 teeth cutting in at the moment.  Yes, you read that right – 9 chompers.  All at once!  The challenge was on to find something she can nibble on that won’t upset her delicate tummy.  After pouring through recipes and suggestions from others online, I found [cont…]

Feb 092013

Spencer’s goat milk formula (originally posted on Corn Allergy & Intolerance Facebook Group) Based on recipes from the Weston A. Price Foundation and Allergies at the time of this recipe:  corn, dairy, coconut, peanut.   Makes 36 oz,  prep time 10-15 min per day.   2c whole fresh goat milk — RAW, found our [cont…]

Jan 262013
Hot Quinoa Cereal with Pear, Fig & Pecan

No matter how I tried, I could not think of a shorter name for this breakfast that would do it justice.  It’s not especially colorful, but oh my goodness is it good!  The quinoa starts it off with great nutrition.  Add in seasonal fruit with the pears and figs – also packed with all sorts [cont…]

Nov 032012

The first weekend of October, our city celebrates a Neighbor’s Night Out as a way to get neighbors together. There is also a national program that’s similar, but apparently we like to be rebellious and hold it two months later. But we do still have nice weather here in early October, and this way the [cont…]