Jan 262013
Hot Quinoa Cereal with Pear, Fig & Pecan

No matter how I tried, I could not think of a shorter name for this breakfast that would do it justice.  It’s not especially colorful, but oh my goodness is it good!  The quinoa starts it off with great nutrition.  Add in seasonal fruit with the pears and figs – also packed with all sorts [cont…]

Nov 032012

The first weekend of October, our city celebrates a Neighbor’s Night Out as a way to get neighbors together. There is also a national program that’s similar, but apparently we like to be rebellious and hold it two months later. But we do still have nice weather here in early October, and this way the [cont…]

Dec 182011
Cripple Creek BBQ's Chicken Fajita Pasta

This looks a lot more involved than it is, and would be easy to alter for various diets as long as you can eat chicken or pork, peppers and tomatoes (nightshades). Depending on your tastes the onion can be left out, and the vinaigrette could be made with your choice of vinegar instead of the [cont…]

Dec 072011
Quick & Easy, Cheddar Cheese Cream Soup (with variations)

I started this recipe as I do most of my cooking with a baseline of a recipe and then improvise.  I was looking for a cheddar cheese soup recipe online that I could actually make. Many had carrots, onions, chicken, broths, and various other things that I couldn’t eat myself and I’m sure make super [cont…]