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Jan 172018
Allergies and Intimacy 101

  Allergies and Intimacy Trusted resources to answer questions you may be too embarrassed to ask, or questions your kids may be too embarrassed to ask. Here are some reputable sources to explore these topics in private ranging in everything from toilet paper to sex. AND YES ANY OF THESE SITUATIONS CAN POSE RISK; including [cont…]

Aug 272015
Cardivascular Aspects of Anaphylaxis

Sometimes it’s easy to write off an allergic reaction as nothing important because we’re not covered in hives or our throat isn’t closing. But this would be a mistake, there are far more dangerous symptoms that often get ignored, even by medical personnel. And often by the time you wait to figure out if an [cont…]

Jan 152014

(originally posted on our FB group by Bernice) Day 1 1 1/2 pound of fruit (we use 25 plums), cut in half, pit removed, and halves flattened by pressing your thumbs against the peel side and pressing it so it curves the opoposite direction. 2 C water 2/3 C sugar 1/2 teaspoon fresh lemon juice [cont…]

Jan 152014

(Originally posted on our FB group with the following text by Meagan: “These are my Pumpkin Pecan Pie Bars. I combined and tweaked 3 different recipes to come up with it. I used Gluten free flour (my mom is GF) for Thanksgiving’s batch, and they turned out just fine. I’m corn lite, so please use [cont…]

Feb 092013

Spencer’s goat milk formula (originally posted on Corn Allergy & Intolerance Facebook Group) Based on recipes from the Weston A. Price Foundation and foodforkidshealth.com) Allergies at the time of this recipe:  corn, dairy, coconut, peanut.   Makes 36 oz,  prep time 10-15 min per day.   2c whole fresh goat milk — RAW, found our [cont…]