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Corn Allergy 101:

Welcome to the Corn-Free Life! 

Almost everyone who is new to corn allergies and avoiding corn finds themselves overwhelmed. We’ve tried to compile some information for you to read at your leisure.

Our best advice for starting out, is to learn first all the names that corn goes by, and remove any suspicious foods from your pantry.
Start slow, and don’t buy in bulk for a while until you know for certain what is safe for you and what isn’t. Corn allergies often progress or become more sensitive over time, so what you can safely eat in your first week may no longer be safe for you six months later.

We strive to be pretty corn-free here, and free of corn in lots of ways that aren’t obvious just from reading a label.  Learning where all corn hides in products takes months and sometimes years of education and work. We’re here to help you, and we highly recommend that you join one of our support groups.

Once in our support groups, if you are finding products that you think might be corn-free, and they’re a major label product, and they’re not on the Corn-Free Foods & Products List – then it’s highly likely that product has corn. If you’re very sensitive, you’ll want to ask before you try it. You would also do well to try to find a person in the group who seems to be as sensitive as you are to buddy up with and compare successful products. It makes it much easier and safer to navigate this allergy.


About Allergies/Intolerance:

Corn Allergy or Corn Intolerance? How to know the difference. – On News for Corn Avoiders

Grading the Severity of Your Allergy: Sensitivity vs Reactivity – On News for Corn Avoiders

Symptoms of Allergies – Women to Women – Allergy Symptoms (any allergy can cause any mixture of symptoms – just depends on your body’s reactions)



These words are commonly used in our groups as well as online. Understanding the difference will help you better communicate your condition as well as understand allergies.

Corn Allergy or Corn Intolerance – on News for Corn Avoiders

Sensitivity vs Reactivity – on News for Corn Avoiders

Defining Corn-lite, Corn-Free, and all that wordy jazz. – on News for Corn Avoiders


 Beginner Must-Have Sites:

Corn-Free Foods List – Helpful for those new to avoiding corn. Use as a guide not as a guarantee.

Corn Allergens on CornAllergens.com – List of possible corn derivatives to watch out for on ingredient labels. Print it out or bookmark on your phone and take it shopping with you. (This site is currently offline. Please see the allergen list at: Corn-Free Foods )


Avoiding Corn 101: Learning the Basics

These beginner “avoiding corn” links may help you start ferreting out hidden corn in your life.

New to Corn Allergy on Corn Free Lifestyle

In the Light of Knowledge: the front page is dedicated to advice for the newly diagnosed.

Don’t Panic: A Beginners’ Guide to Corn Allergy on Corn Allergy Girl

The Best Food Allergy Diary on News for Corn Avoiders

For those more advanced: Hidden Corn

Where’s the Corn in Foods?

Where’s the Corn in Medical Supplies and Equipment?

Where’s the Corn in Non-Food Products?

Why you can’t trust “Corn-Free” on the label.

There is more research on hidden corn and corn-based products on News for Corn Avoiders.


Treating Allergic Reactions

Here’s an article on Corn Allergy Girl on treating allergic reactions with a corn allergy:

Treating Allergic Reactions: Corn-free Benadryl on Corn Allergy Girl


Getting Corn-Free Medications

As the article mentions, the only way to get Benadryl and many other medications truly corn-free is to have it specially made at a compounding pharmacy.

Getting Medications Compounded on News for Corn Avoiders

Corn Free Medication: Getting Prescriptions Compounded on Corn Allergy Girl


Corn Allergy: Emergency Room Safety

There is corn in a lot of medical products. Here are some articles on how to avoid being made worse by people who are trying to make you better.

Emergency Room Safety on Corn Allergy Girl

Text-only ER safety protocol for Corn Allergies to bookmark on your phone.


The Best Support for Corn Allergy:

Finding a support group for avoiding corn isn’t too hard as corn allergies are on the rise. However, finding a group with reliable experienced information is a lot harder than it looks. The following links are to groups with experienced and knowledgeable members to help you avoid as much corn as possible and to help you get back to your healthiest self.

Delphi Forums: Avoiding Corn

Corn Allergy & Intolerance Group – Facebook

Both the above groups are free to join and open to everyone. We highly recommend that you join a corn-free support group to help you along your journey.


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