Aug 202011

For those of you with lots of food allergies that are hard to handle, hopefully you’ll understand this.

I woke this morning with the actual “want to do something” feeling. Since I rarely wake with any energy to even get out of bed, let alone any desire to do anything, this morning is a rare one.

My plans should I have energy for today were:
Clean house.
Finish unpacking/sorting/throwing away stuff.
Clean the kitchen.
Do laundry.
Bake something to portion out and freeze for later.
Do some writing.
Get some work done on my projects
Send out some resumes.

Unfortunately this wasn’t an “energy to do what I need to do” but just a “want to do something fun” and my energy/desires wanted nothing to do with my to-do list… For once.. I actually had energy to do something else..

If someone invited me to go mountain climbing.. I probably would have said yes. Dive out of an airplane? Sure. Backpack across Europe? Lets go.

I’d have settled for a long walk but then it’s 97 degrees out and sunny. Relatively certain I’d get 2 blocks and just walk right back.

Nevertheless anything I would not normally do sounds really fun today. (I wonder if this is what people call the “Zest for Life”.)

I attempted to talk myself into cleaning and unpacking with the idea that I would then invite friends over for board games and booze.

And as I was debating on where to start first and being overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I’d need to do in order to actually make my place presentable… I realized that today is the best day I’ve had in months.

I’m still debating on whether to use my energy for cleaning or to just go out with the dog.

But I realized I hadn’t written lately at all here, and realized I hadn’t written anything about good days.  The one’s where you can put two coherent sentences together, and run up and down the stairs without getting dizzy or feeling like your lungs are shutting down for repairs.

The ones were you feel.. normal.

(PS – I’m also looking for guest posts for this blog. Subjects – what it feels like to have food allergies or intimate stories to portray life with food allergies. Submit to simplyvmail at gmail)


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