Nov 292010

I’m having new versions of the same old adventures, and attempting to relearn my own body right now.

Nearly 2 years ago, I started getting AAT treatments to alieviate my food allergies. It didn’t work, or at least it didn’t seem to do much of anything as I spent the last part of last year and nearly all of this year with the same if not worse food allergy concerns.

Then about a month ago, I suddenly became able to eat some foods that would have been previously dangerous. Then more foods, and more foods. Once in a while a food adventure would cause a reaction, but never the foods I thought would cause a problem.

It was craziness trying to predict what would or would not cause me problems. Even typing this out, I feel like a crazy person.

Prior to AAT, I knew darn good and well to what I was and was not allergic. It was predictable, guaranteed reactions. After AAT, everything became a crapshoot for a while, then nothing was safe, and for a few days recently I wondered if I was allergic to anything anymore.

Confused yet? So was/am I.

I’ve figured out a few things.

I still can’t eat carrots. Don’t even ask me to. You know those scenes in comedy movies where the person accidentally ingests laxatives and just barely makes it to the toilet before exploding. Yeah, its kinda like that.

I still can’t eat squash. I still can’t keep it down. I can’t even pretend to keep it down. As quick as I swallow is how quick it returns to the surface. Pretty, I know.

I haven’t tried real hard, but pretty sure cruciferous veggies are still a no-go. I had a bite of broccoli about a week or so ago. Despite the fact that while chewing it it tasted reminiscent of dirt (yes I’ve tasted dirt. What tomboy from the midwest rural areas worth her salt hasn’t tasted dirt?), it sat in my stomach like lead for hours.

But what’s really getting me right now are onions. Thursday night I ate some Tomato Basil soup which had chunks of onion (unbelievable to me as it’s a puree soup, so they had to have added the chunks after they pureed the soup defeating the whole purpose of puree). I ended up being awake for the next 5 hours with reflux, burping, and swelling/edema. Even though I’d eaten other things after the soup, still I burped only the taste of that soup. Yay, benadryl to the rescue.

Tonight, I tried some Indian food. It was pretty good, but I immediately started feeling bloated. You know that feeling you get after Thanksgiving dinner when you’ve eaten way too much, your jeans are too tight and you want to unbutton them, and you feel just a little nauseous.

By the time I got home, I was full-fledged swollen with cankles and swollen fingers to the point where movement was restricted. My joints hurt, actually it was more of a throbbing pain as if I could actually feel the blood pulsing through and around my joints.

Then the reflux and burping started. Flavor? Curried Onion. Lovely.

5 hours later? Still burping curried onion.

Hopefully this next dose of benadryl takes care of that so I can get some sleep.


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