Nov 122010

Dear Body,

I’d like to have my leg back please. While this numb and unfeeling sensation is fun now then, it stopped being fun about an hour ago.

I no longer appreciate your sense of humor. So please, May I have my leg back now?


I’ve gone to the doctor for this a couple times now. I’ve been poked and prodded. I’ve had labs run. He didn’t do ultrasound or xrays, but basically told me I’d be ok. It’s only one little section of my leg on the outside of my thigh, and as much as I’ve searched online I’ve found absolutely no articles on numbness in that area. So I figure no one has died from it.

I haven’t persued it with doctors very hard. Mostly because it doesn’t feel life threatening, and I’ve found a system to its madness.

You see.. it only happens when I’ve eaten something I shouldn’t have and usually hours later.

I’ve theorized that its probably my colon swelling up as the food passes through it and pressing on the nerve that gives sensation to that part of my leg. I got out anatomy charts and neurological charts, and it seems that the nerves and blood distribution for that section of the body start within the pelvic region, roughly the same area as the large colon.

It usually goes away in a couple hours. It’s only mildly painful and more of a tingly pain. Similar to your leg or foot going to “sleep” if you sit in the wrong position for too long. The skin in the area of leg that’s affected is slightly cooler to the touch than my other skin. It hasn’t ever turned blue or anything severe looking. Just mild discomfort and a sensation that makes me wonder if I’d feel it if I stabbed myself in the leg.

Just another day in the life of food allergies.

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  One Response to “Limb Sleeping, numbness, and allergic reactions.”

  1. Back when I'd still eat somewhat normally (ie, having a sub if I thought the bread was safe without thinking about the coldcuts), I often had the opposite problem of experiencing burning pain in the nerve that ran from the base of my head and down my arm. It always started within 30 min to an hour of the meal and then lasted for what seemed like forever.

    Bodies are just beyond wierd.

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