Nov 292010

Well its a “Happy Day After Your Reaction” for me today.

First, I woke up after a solid 12 hours of dead sleep. I missed most of the morning due to that, and still feel like I was hit by a truck.

Since I’d missed several hours in which I could have been productive, I quickly got up and just as quickly crawled back in bed. It has been a while since I’ve had this severe of an allergic reaction and I forgot just how much “quick action” does not agree with my body during the reaction detox.

My quick get-up left me dizzy. So dizzy that I started seeing spots. I crawled back in bed to wait out the dizzy spell. It didn’t take long, and so I again attempted getting out of bed, this time taking it slower. Success.

An hour later, after downing about 32 ounces of water and a high carb easily digestible snack (also known as my allergy-free fudge made entirely of cane sugar, gelatin, special margarine and dark baking chocolate), I got up the energy to make lunch.

Since I’d put off going to the grocery store for a week due to the whole Thanksgiving madness, lunch required going to the grocery store.

I go to put on my “suitable for public” clothes, and find things still aren’t fitting right. I’m still a bit swollen from last night’s reaction. So I find a few of my fat clothes that I keep around entirely for these days. As if missing most of my morning wasn’t depressing enough, having to now put on my fat-clothes was not improving the outlook.

I throw a potato into the oven to bake while I grab my keys and run up the flight of stairs to my car. By run I mean climb at my normal pace, not that it mattered much. I arrived at the top of the flight of stairs, a section of stairs I do often without issue, breathing so heavily you’d think I’d just finished jogging a four minute mile. Again, I’d forgotten to take things extra slow today so I spent the next 20 minutes feeling like I was breathing through a straw with my head pounding.

I stop for a minute to toss a small bag of trash in the dumpster. I give it a good toss to get it over the edge of the dumpster. Once tossed, my arm tingles and I start cussing to myself.

“Is there anything that I can do today that won’t make me feel like I’m attempting to climb Mount Everest?”

The arm tingling continues and parts of my hips and thighs join in for good measure. It’s that numb-painful-tingling that you get when you’re exercising too hard and your body wants you to stop it. (or its possible that’s just me, I looked for articles about tingling with exercise and only found things about fibromyalgia which btw is often also relieved with allergy-free diets.)

So I do manage to get to the store, and most of the rest of the day goes better. I just forget that I have to take things slow on days like this.  It’s helping though that as the day progresses the more stiff my muscles get which in itself inhibits quick movement. Standing up currently feels like torture, and don’t even get me started on the pain of walking. I’m also coughing up stuff, and the mirror tells me I look like the walking dead.

I’ve been so spoiled the last few weeks and I realized that today. I managed to eat quite a few things the last few weeks and still go for walks and exercise without feeling like I’m risking a heart attack or other personal injury due to fainting or breathing issues. It’s been good.

I can only hope that tomorrow will be better, and I’ll be back to normal soon.


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