Oct 302010

I came home early from a party. I really should have read the invitation much better than I did, but I’d been looking forward to this event for a while and wasn’t able to go due to cost issues.. when last minute I managed to wrangle a free entry!  Woo Hoo!

So I went. Of Course.

I knew something was wrong when I first arrived as my throat immediately became scratchy. I figured it was leftover residue from people smoking outside, and ignored it.

Then as I began to explore the party, I noticed in the other room there were buckets of popcorn. Already popped. No popcorn popper.. Thank GOD!

Since the popcorn was in another room, and not really “airborne” I figured I’d stay and see how the night went, and things went well. I didn’t notice much issues at all until a new crowd of people entered the party.

They found the popcorn, and decided to bring it .. all of it.. into the room where we all were. Right in front of me, a drunk guy dropped an entire bucket of popcorn. Then all the rest of the people began to stomp it and stir it up in the air.

Yay me!

It wasn’t too horrid, so I waited.

Immediately after, a guy was on stage with a couple girls singing a song. They were having fun, and he decided to add to the joy.

He picked up a bag of popcorn and began to toss it. Then he saw me, and began to toss it at me.. aiming at the drink in my hand.

If I had lasers to shoot out of my eyes the guy would dead. While I’m not necessarily “THAT” allergic to corn anymore, it’s still like pelting me with poison. Of course, the drunk guy didn’t know that and was confused at my party-pooper attitude.

I started to get cold. (Great! I thought to myself) I tried to move away from the popcorn hoping that alone would stop the reaction. Everywhere I moved I could still feel myself breathing in popcorn.

My lungs started to hurt and my eyes started to water. I had a song coming up and I wanted to wait for it.  I popped some benadryl and prednisone, and waited.

The pills seemed to have no effect. My body kept getting colder. My lungs started to feel like I’d accidentally swallowed some pool water. My eyes felt dry and irritated, yet watery.

I had to leave. I had to leave right then.

I didn’t want to.. damn it.

But I couldn’t deny my symptoms any longer. As it was, my fingers had turned to ice cubes and staying longer I’m sure my teeth would have started chattering.

I hate causing a scene, so I merely put on a calm exterior and said goodbye to my friends as if I’d suddenly just gotten tired, or forgotten that I needed to get up early tomorrow.

I stepped outside and the fresh air filled my lungs as if I’d suddenly come up for air.

It’s been about a hour since I left the party. My fingers are warm again though I’m still a bit chilly. I’ve washed my face to remove any corn residue, but my eyes are still irritated and bloodshot. My lungs no longer have that underwater feeling and no longer hurt, but I can still feel them with every breath. I’ve also developed a slight cough.

I should be normal by morning. This allergy stuff just sucks sometimes.

Oh.. and I really hate popcorn right now.


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