Oct 252010

I woke this morning.. ok that’s a fabrication, I woke up at 3am with a pain in my thigh. A strange pain that I’ll equate with getting pierced by a knife. The pain hovering somewhere between a nick and what I imagine what actually being stabbed might feel like.

It was in all seriousness a “WTF” moment where I was pretty sure I was still dreaming or otherwise halucinating. I mean I was in bed, alone, without any sharp objects nearby. So the simpliest answer is the most likely; I was dreaming it.

So I attempted going back to sleep and nearly succeeded when I adjusted positions slightly only to find the pain had returned, instantly and sharply.

Now fully awake, I grazed my hand along my thigh and found a sore spot, but nothing seemed wrong otherwise. I was puzzled.

So I went to the bathroom and turned on the light to look at it in the mirror.

I saw it. I think I said about a million cusswords.

Since I’m not a dermotologist, I’m not sure what the correct word is for it. But I believe its called an abcess. Only it’s not infected, its small about the size of a zit, bleeds every time I move, and hurts like a SOB everytime something rubs on it.

It’d been a few years since my last one, so I’d forgotten just how important staying on my allergy-free diet really was.

Not to mention that I’d forgotten how my allergic reactions affect my blood sugars. It’s a long round about explaination that really would require a medical degree to fully comprehend, but essentially regularly eating my allergens causes a domino effect in my body which results in an inadequate supply of insulin. Aka Elevated blood sugars.

Prolonged elevation of my blood sugars (not as high as diabetes, but I assume uninhibited it would get there) also taxes my body and causes my cholesterol to be all wonky. Which if it gets bad enough, my endocrinologist will insist on putting me on meds (which I already know will contain something I’m allergic to.. requiring me to find a way to get them made special and cost me many moola.)

It’s really hard to remember sometimes that that one little indulgence now, might effectively kill me in the long run.

That is until I wake up with the warning signs like today. If I’m really really good for a few days, it will disappear.  I’m hoping that my body will heal on the inside as well, but for now, it’s detox time.


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