Oct 172010

There are times that I just am bitter. I have happy days.. happy moments. Like today, I’d been putting off making lunch because I didn’t want to cook, when I remembered I had some leftover pasta in the fridge. Just plain pasta. So I drizzle on some oil, sea salt, splash of lemon juice, some shredded fresh basil, diced fresh tomato and mix it all together for a delicious lunch. Yay, no cooking!

But there are also moments where I’m bitter. Like earlier today, I get my hopes up seeing a link that advertises that a magazine is looking for stories from allergy sufferers about their lifestyle, and about dealing with people who don’t believe the allergy. I click the link, and its wanting stories from mom’s about dealing with their allergenic children.

It’s moments like this that make me want to scream: “Dear World, Adults have allergies too, and its not fun for us either.”

But I suppose this is a lot like the “cute puppy” advertising problem. If it’s ugly, disgusting, and yucky, no one wants to hear about it, let alone buy the product.  But if it happens to a cute puppy or adorable baby, then everyone takes action.

I just fear that it gives off this misinformation that allergies only affect children, and it makes me angry.


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  One Response to “Adults have food allergies too”

  1. Yes, it does affect us too! Thank you for saying that. I tried to find a support group and it is ALL for children. While I know children have it hard, so do adults as they have to change their life style after how many plus years.

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